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"There is nothing more truly artistic than loving people"

These few words from Vincent Van Gogh could sum up what the Atelier d'Épicure imagined by Marina and Christophe Milhac represents.

Above all, a place of life, welcome and exchange. Here, receiving is not an empty word. Here, we love people and it shows ... We are happy to welcome them to eat, drink, laugh, exchange ideas, share emotions around the table but also a painting, a drawing, of a sculpture ... of art in several forms. Because for Marina and Christophe, art conveys these fundamental values of sharing, conviviality, exchange and diversity.

Under the impetus of Lilou who took up the torch after the death of Pascal Magis, his loving mentor, l'Atelier d'Épicure celebrates contemporary creation and pays homage to the flourishing artistic scene of the region. As a true conductor, it brings together all artists with the ambition of offering a unique space for cultural dissemination offering a time of contemplation, admiration, reflection and openness around the proposals of confirmed or budding artists. An independent, free space for experimentation, open to the world of amateurs, Boeotians and enthusiasts, all citizens.

The Artists' Residence allows you to take the time to contemplate the work when night falls and dawn arrives, just as with a meal the artistic accompaniment is invited by the best ambassador there is: Marina.

The 4 artists who signed the restaurant in November 2010, under the leadership of Pascal Magis, were artists in the making, recognized today far beyond our borders. Because this is also the project of this place, to support, promote and make known these creators so that they can live from their art, while they are still alive. When Lilou Magis whispered to them the project of signing their works the creation of 9 aparthotels, the 4 accomplices immediately answered present. A gesture of recognition with the desire to perpetuate Pascal's work both on human support and on the popularization of art in places open to the general public.

This is how the founding values of L'Atelier d'Epicure are written, without of course making concessions on its origins as a gastronomic place by [L ’] Excellence. A beautiful score with major notes: support for the original creation intended for all and a space for transmission of the Plural Arts.